Insight of Human Rights

September 1, 2018

How easy is to forget about our basic Human Rights, no matter what race you are ( Ok, I know that the picture in here is particularly from the Hindu religion. This combination I choose because to me it represents a whole person, a balance of two opposites), color of our skin, what is your sexual orientation, age, blue or brown eyes, tall or short... You get my gist..... the reason for us to work well within ourselves + other members of the society+ friends+colleagues+ family and mostly RELATIONSHIPS. But the reality is that not everyone knows about them so here goes the List  of Human Rights:


 *You have the right to be you               

                                              love and to be loved.        

                                              treated with respect.

  *You have the right to be human – NO PERFECT.
                                          Protest if you are treated unfairly or abusively                                            by anyone.
                                         Have your own privacy 
                                         Be angry


 *You have the right to have:
                                                  Your own opinions, to express them, and                                                      to be taken seriously.
                                                  Earn and control your own money 
                                                  Ask questions about anything that effects                                                    your life.

                                                  State your own needs and ask for what                                                          you want

  *You have the right to make decisions that affects you.
                                        Grow and change (and that includes changing                                            your mind)
                                        Say NO.
                                        Make mistakes.

  *You have the right NOT to be responsible for other adults’                                                       problems.

                                     Not to be liked by everyone.
                                     To relate to people without being dependent on                                         them for approval.


Most importantly, you have the right to control your own life and to change it if you are not happy with it as it is.


Responsibilities in relation to rights:

*I recognize that I have responsibilities as well as Rights
*I do not have the right to infringe the rights of others
*I give other people the same rights that I give to myself


One of my clients really got the grasp of these, and with her wisdom and her consent she share this. 



Today I chose "you have the right to say no!" because I needed to remind myself that I shouldn't feel like. I must do something just to be nice to people if I don’t want to.

For example, at work if I am already busy with my own responsibilities I need to remember I can say “No if other people ask for help as it sometimes causes me to lose track of what I am doing or makes my work load harder to complete.


Today I chose “I have the right to be angry", because I need to remember that I can be upset by something. I am allowed to voice my feelings, if it is having an affect on me.


Today I chose that" I have the right to my own opinions and to be taken seriously" because I was seeing my dad and I was quite nervous. Because of how he makes me feel and I needed to remind myself, not to allow him to make me feel less important than others.


I chose to remember that I have responsibilities as much as rights: Example that whilst my mum is on holiday I have the responsibilities of keeping my home clean and tidy and keeping up with duties around the house, that my mum would do if she was home. This encouraged me to get up early and do the cleaning  if shoppi waswhi nee bought Ineed to

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