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About Me in Depth

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.


                                                                      What do I love the most of this career?


The relationship that you develop with another human being which is honest, respectful and maybe the best one that you and I have ever experienced.

  • What inspired me to start working for myself, was the fact that I realised that agencies that offer the jobs in counselling are not following the same ethos that I believe. For example, 1) I feel that there is too much pressure in meeting targets for some companies, instead of then thinking about the needs and well-being of the clients.

  • 2) The number of sessions (which is normally six to eight) are not tailored for every person, some need six sessions, while others need more.

  • 3) Another factor that gets forgotten is that agencies provide the next available counsellor, without letting the client have a choice to find out what therapist he/she feels comfortable to share with. 

As I believe that we all are different and to get the benefit of the healing process, both parties need to feel comfortable.


                                                                         What makes me different 


I can speak four languages: Spanish, English, Hindi, Sindhi. Because of my cultural background (being raised with Indian values) in a western world, in this case, Spain. when I was old enough, I followed the tradition of getting married in an arranging method. I came to live in the UK with my husband (now very happily, divorced!) And I have been in the UK for the past 18 years.

 I have the first-hand experience of breaking those rules that did not favour me as a person but by being a "Rebel", it allowed me to start living on my own terms.

I would like to say that I am down to earth and I know how difficult life can be sometimes. Having my own life experience,(not just the theory) has made me learn. 

I had been a client myself in a therapy room and I found it really hard to overcome my own demons and clear the skeletons from the wardrobe. Trust me, it was really scary and I needed to be brave. So when you and I decide to work together I will be able to empathize with you, as a client not as someone above you, because I am human like you

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