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How you talk to Achieve


When I was studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming, my tutor explained the importance of how self-talk can affect the way we behave, which the has an impact on the outcome. 

For example: "When I say that I won't do it" the neurons in my brain start to believe that I am going to fail and why bother and then the body language changes to head down looking at the floor, not giving eye contact, shoulders down, not smiling. And in regards to emotions, I starting to feel extremely tired, angry, frustrated and sometimes tearful.

I become isolated, (Neurons are starting to create beliefs such as: how am I going to be able to say that I don't believe in me, plus it sounds silly and most probably nobody cares. I am going to be a burden) so then I stop looking after my appearance (nobody knows I exist).


But when I start to say to me, no, "Varsha can do it" the body language changes to back straight, head high, shoulders upright, eye contact. I start to feel more energised because my brain is creating messages of I am worth it, I look good so I feel good, I need to eat what is good, drink more water because I need to prove to that person what I am made of because I am cool, I am determined and you know I am showing off my big SMILE 

Our Needs in order 

Abraham Maslow was the founder of the Hierarchy of needs. The purpose of this Pyramid is to explain the importance of each need, starting from the first one: the Physical one, to the second one until it reaches to the pinnacle of  the pyramid. Which means feeling complete and satisfied with one's life. 

Each of the stages need to be completed, if not it affects the stability of the person. For example, I haven't slept properly at night, my body will feel tired, I might eat more junk, which then makes me sluggish and exhausted, so I can get irritated more easily, I make more mistakes, those mistakes affect people, work, friends, family and of course me!! If I keep on neglecting my sleep for a long period of time, my health can get worse, my career can be affected, the financial situation might change, I can get stuck in a vicious circle, not be able to make any sense and I might be out of control

Our personal wellbeing pyramid checklist
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